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Students in Marple Newtown School District begin their music education in elementary school. Beginning in Kindergarten, students attend a weekly 45 minute music class. In these classes students actively participate in singing, moving, creating, and listening to music. Students are exposed to a variety of genres of music from across the world, from African drumming, to folk songs from Japan.     

As student’s progress through Elementary school they are guided to find their singing voice, learn to read rhythms and music notation, and how to move their bodies expressively to music. Students compose, improvise, and perform compositions using Xylophones, and Metallophones, and create theatrical performances to music. In 3rd grade, students begin to learn how to play the recorder which provides a wonderful bridge to learning other wind instruments. In 4th and 5th grade students get their first choral experiences as they participate in the 4th and 5th grade choirs. They also are invited to participate in additional ensembles such as a smaller choral group, and Orff Ensembles. As students leave elementary school they have a solid foundation on which the Middle School program is able to build.