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Tiger Band Parents Association

Executive Board

President  TBD
Vice President  TBD
Treasurer  TBD
Secretary  TBD
Student Accounts  TBD
Logistics  TBD
Member at Large  TBD
Member at Large  TBD

Committe Heads 

Uniforms  TBD 
Chaperone Coordinator  TBD
Hospitality  TBD
Publicity  TBD
Band Camp  TBD
Bandarama  TBD
Concert in the Park  TBD
Jazz Spaghetti Dinner  TBD
Color Guard Liason  TBD
Percussion Liason  TBD


All Band parents are eligible to participate in the Band Parents Association.
Dues are $20 and entitle you to have a voice in the organization and voting rights.


Finance/Manage Accounts Administer Budget
Fundrasing Chaperone and Logisitics
Support the Band Students Support the Band Staff



◦To stimulate student and community interest and appreciation of the High School Band Program
◦To promote, encourage and support participation in the Band program
◦To promote and encourage student cultural improvement through the appreciation of the fine music
◦To promote, develop and stimulate all Marple Newtown School District Band programs


What can I do as a Band Parent?

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