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The Marple Newtown Choir has a core of student leaders that help organize and run daily and special activities in choir. Officers are chosen for the beginning of each school year through an audition process. Student leaders must not have a discipline record from the current school year from which they are applying, must not be unexcused absent or late during the second semester in which they are applying, and must show evidence of leadership and teamwork throughout the current school year.

All students applying to be an officer candidate must fill out the necessary application that may be obtained through the Director of Choral Music. Students will be chosen based on student and teacher recommendation. All positions will be ultimately chosen by the Director of Choral Music in a manner in which is the best fit for the choir.


2016-2017 Student Leadership Board

Sarah Hendricks
Student Conductor:
Katie Rice

Vice President:
Kelly Sullivan

Soprano Section Leader:
Kiersten Lipsku

Belle Gallante

Alto Section Leader:
Emily Ulu
Alex Moon
Tenor Section Leader:
Matthew Patton
Bass Section Leader:
Ryan McMonigle